I am an avid admirer of all things cinema! Films have always been my escape from reality.

I am a walking movie reference guide and I created "Some Like It Hollywood" as a way to share my love for films and the dedication that goes into creating some of the most iconic movies and stars of the 20th century.


In this blog, I share my thoughts on some of cinema's most iconic films, stars, directors, and so on.

I also highlight movies that while not box office successes or award winners, have made an impact on me in some way.

I also do movie reviews of past and present films. Any requests, please contact me and I will gladly review the film or if I have already seen it, I will re-watch it and give a clear evaluation of the film.

I love ranking lists! I often rank my favorite performances by Actors, my favorite films by directors, a specific movie genre, and much more.

I am also fascinated by the history of the Academy Awards and share my thoughts on films, directors, stars, that I thought were "snubbed."

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About the Administrator:

My name is Cody James. Welcome to my blog - Some Like It Hollywood!

Since I was a kid, movies have always been my virtual escape from reality.

I love ALL TYPES of films from every era and enjoy talking about them.

I currently host a movie review segment on 102.9 W4 Country in Ann Arbor, MI.

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